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Tarrant County Judge Watches DOKTX Expose on Ft. Worth All Ages Drag Show, Writes Letter ...

If you watched the video content we took at the “all-ages” drag show at Tulips in Fort Worth last month, you were probably as equally if not more disgusted than we were. If so, you are right alongside Tarrant County Judge Tim O’Hare in that feeling as well.

After we exposed what really goes on at these supposed kid friendly drag shows, the owner of the building amended the lease for all tenants banning any sort of sexually explicit performances, “kid friendly” or not.

While both Defend Our Kids Texas and O’Hare applaud the property owner for doing so, we both feel more needs to be done.

“While I am heartened that the owner of the physical property in which Tulips FTW operates has reportedly banned the business from hosting any additional all-ages drag shows, this private action does not address what may have already transpired, nor hold accountable those responsible.” O’Hare said in his letter.

Texas Family Project and Defend Our Kids TX agree with this, and applaud both County Judge Tim O’Hare and Comptroller Glen Hegar for working with us to defend our kids from these explicit drag shows.

According to O’Hare, the Comptroller’s office has been “responsive and helpful” on the matter.

We look forward to seeing how this plays out and especially look forward to the hopeful passage of SB 12, which will serve as a tool for the Comptroller and other offices to not just defend our kids from these obscene displays, but to hold those who organize and perform in them accountable.


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