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Schools should Educate, not Indoctrinate. 

Here in Texas, we have laws to protect children from being brainwashed by the radical left. However, many schools still promote radical ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional learning.

Here are just a few examples of propaganda in our schools:

In Keller ISD, an Advanced Academic Coordinator openly admitted that Social Emotional Learning was “embedded” in curriculum.

A few miles west in Coppell ISD, the Director of Science stated “We tap dance around… calling it anything,” when asked how he is able to undermine critical race theory laws.

In Plano ISD, there is even a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion who is proud that the school district is crafty enough to find loopholes to still teach CRT.

(You can find more disturbing cases of indoctrination from all across the state here)

Clearly, if existing laws are not enforced, they mean nothing. Teachers and administrators are still peddling CRT lessons and promoting woke ideologies in the classroom.

In states with courageous leadership such as Florida and Tennessee, laws are set in place to protect kids, and they are actually implemented.

Children deserve an honest education. They should never be pressured into feeling guilty for the color of their skin or be unfairly blamed for historical wrongdoings.

Without a brave army of parents ready to stand up for our kids, CRT will continue to be taught.

A mobilzed, pro-family army is the only way to stop all of this chaos and send a clear message to legislators in Austin that our kids will no longer be indoctrinated.

Texas Family Project is on the frontlines fighting for our kids' right to receive an honest education. We will always fight to make sure personal biases and politically incorrect lies will never win the day.

Sign our petition to stop critical race theory and officially join our pro-family army here!


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