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School Choice To Face A Tough Battle Against The Texas House RINOs

Deep in the heart of Texas, a fierce battle rages within the halls of the State House, and at the center of the storm is Speaker Dade Phelan, better known as "Drunk Dade." His hunger for power has transformed the legislative process, making it challenging to pass conservative legislation in arguably the most conservative state. Now, with school choice on the line, the battle intensifies.

The Power-Hungry Players:

Speaker Phelan's reputation as one of the nation's most power-hungry politicians has cast a dark shadow over the State House, making it a challenging battleground for passing crucial conservative legislation. Despite the Senate's triumphant passage of SB 1, the school choice bill faces its’ toughest adversary yet—the Texas State House. The challenge lies in breaking through Speaker Phelan and applying enough pressure to ensure this bill makes it through.

The Glimmer of Hope:

In this intense political showdown, a glimmer of hope emerges. Governor Abbott has declared school choice a non-negotiable priority. With the issue thrust into the spotlight and media attention intensifying, there's optimism that Speaker Phelan and his troop of RINOs may finally bow to the people’s will to save face. While his speakership is guaranteed while he’s in office, polls have come out that show his constituents unpopular opinion. So, if he is to keep his job, he must conform and pass the legislation that all Texans demand.

The Crucial Juncture:

Currently, the school choice bill sits in the education committee within the State House. Now is the time for constituents to apply unrelenting pressure on their representatives to ensure the passage of this legislation that should’ve been passed a long time ago.


The Texas State House battlefield is a proving ground for the resilience of true conservative values, where Speaker Phelan's thirst for power clashes with the unwavering determination of grassroots conservatives. As the spotlight intensifies and the struggle for school choice reaches its pinnacle, constituents must stand as a united force, refusing to back down until our legislative demands are met. We cannot let Dade and his RINO friends control the outcome of legislation that will better the lives of all Texans.


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