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Satanic Temple Files Brief To Protect Abortion

It seems as though our enemies have taken off their masks.

The Satanic Temple has filed a brief that claims Texas laws protecting the unborn from abortions are preventing its members from performing abortion rituals.

At least they aren’t trying to hide their evil intentions anymore.

It should be noted that the Satanic Temple has filed briefs in the past not just relating to the Texas Heartbeat bill, but also regarding laws relating to chemical abortions.

The idea that murdering a child in the womb is a religious right or free speech issue is a sickening attempt from the Anti-Family Left at normalizing evil behavior.

What’s even more sickening is that the Satanic Temple obtained tax exempt status 4 years ago, being classified as a church.

The masks are off. Our enemies aren’t hiding anymore, and they’re making it clear which side of the spiritual battle they are on. It should be a major red flag to any rational person that the SATANIC TEMPLE is attempting to fight for so-called abortion “rights.”

While many pro-lifers thought that the battle to protect the unborn was won, there is still much work to be done.

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