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Puberty Blockers Have Been BANNED From the UK

The UK has taken a huge step to protect children by banning puberty blockers. The United Kingdom has one of the most socially liberal governments in the world, yet they were able to get this done. There are several states in America that still allow puberty blockers to be given to children, and there aren’t any stringent regulations on their usage. Why are we falling behind one of the most socially liberal countries in the world in protecting children?

During the 2023 legislative session, Texas passed a law that banned doctors from prescribing puberty blockers to children in Senate Bill 14. The purpose of SB 14 is to protect Texas children from life-altering puberty blockers as well as other methods used to transition children. For the bill to be truly successful, support from the federal level is needed to place an outright ban on these terrible pharmaceutical drugs so that parents can’t travel out of state to transition their children before they are legal adults. 

Puberty blockers alter the natural hormonal cycle of children to effectively halt their puberty in order to “give them time” to decide if they want to transition at a later date. Hormonal puberty blockers are prescribed by deranged doctors in states where the grotesque physical transition of children is illegal, so the drugs allow for an easier path down this route when the child comes of age. The promotion of puberty blockers is an extremely deceptive tactic. 

Children need the ability to develop on their own. Giving children drugs that hinder their development is both disgusting and unnecessary. Children have wild and unrealistic imaginations, and adults who play into them by allowing access to drugs with permanent, life-altering effects should not be tolerated.

Certain states have taken significant steps in recent years to prevent this phenomenon, but the work to protect children is far from over. If even the “woke” United Kingdom can see the negative effects of puberty blockers, the U.S. should have the wisdom to place a similar ban on the federal level.


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