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Pro-family Groups Condemn Comptroller for ‘Dragging Feet’ on Drag Bar Investigation

Katy Drollinger l October 3, 2022

As establishments across Texas continue hosting “all-ages” drag shows, grassroots organizations Texas Family Project and the American Principles Project condemned Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar for not pursuing an investigation into Dallas gay bar Mr. Misster.

Earlier this year in June, the venue hosted a “Drag the Kids to Pride” event, where scantily clad men dressed as women danced suggestively in front of children. One video from the event showcased children handing drag queens dollar bills and walking onstage in front of a neon sign reading, “It’s not gonna lick itself!”

The event led citizens to question why Hegar’s office does not consider bars and restaurants that host drag shows in the same vein as strip clubs.

According to Chapter 102 of the Texas Business Code, if classified as sexually oriented businesses, these establishments would have to pay a $5 fee per patron and could not allow individuals under the age of 18 to attend events. Texas law classifies a sexually oriented business as any bar, nightclub, or restaurant that serves alcohol and offers live nude performances for audiences of two or more.

In August 2022, in response to citizens’ concerns, Hegar announced an investigation into Mr. Misster and the bar’s potential status as a sexually oriented business.

“Like many Texas parents, I was disturbed by the recent images showing children participating in a drag show in the Dallas area, including one image of a child placing money in a performer’s undergarment,” said Hegar. “I know this is a concerning issue for many Texans, and the images circulating are certainly inconsistent with our Texas values.”

However, Hegar’s office has yet to conclude the investigation or take action against the Dallas gay bar, which led Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper and American Principles Project President Terry Shilling to condemn Hegar for “dragging his feet.”

Glenn Hegar has refused to use his power to protect Texas kids from vile and obscene drag shows in Texas. Grassroots conservatives have called upon Hegar to act for nearly two months, but he has yet to take any action to protect children from this obvious abuse. Hegar’s inaction is unacceptable.

“Texas families are beyond frustrated—they are totally appalled,” said Hopper and Shilling. “Children have a right to be protected from grooming and sexualization. Hegar’s failure to act has harmed hundreds of Texas kids. By refusing to take action to hold businesses accountable to the law, Glenn Hegar is giving groomers more time and freedom to abuse Texas kids.”

Hopper and Shilling called out other Republican lawmakers for failing to enact conservative policy and again condemned Hegar for failing to investigate Mr. Misster and other venues exposing children to “all-ages” drag shows.

“All across the country, grassroots activists are successfully dividing Republicans into two camps; the first camp is made up of real conservatives who are willing to use power and fight for our families,” said Hopper and Shilling.

“The second camp is made up of feckless Republicans who would rather oversee a downward trajectory of managed decline than fight for anything. … These cowards are our enemies and have betrayed the values on which our country was founded. By refusing to act, Glenn Hegar has allied himself to groomers and deviants and betrayed the innocence of Texas kids.”


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