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Ohio “Republican” Governor Vetoes Measure To Outlaw “Gender-Affirming Care” For Children

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, often considered a RINO, vetoed a crucial measure on Friday aimed at protecting children from the irreversible harm of gender mutilation and preserving the integrity of women's sports. This decision highlights the pressing need for Republicans to prioritize genuine conservative values, especially as we approach the primary election season.

Governor DeWine's veto message conveyed a troubling perspective, suggesting that signing the bill into law would imply an unwarranted intrusion into the decisions parents make for their children. However, this reasoning is objectively false, as protecting children from the life-altering consequences of gender mutilation is not about dictating parenting choices but safeguarding the well-being of the vulnerable.

The measure also sought to address the growing concern of male "transgender" individuals participating in women's sports, where the biological advantages of males can pose a threat to the fairness of competition. Governor DeWine's decision not only undermines the principles of fairness in sports but also perpetuates a dangerous narrative that compromises the safety and integrity of women's competitions.

Texas Family Project President Brady Gray stated, “Republicans across this country are enabling and allowing this evil to be perpetuated on our children. Texas Family Project will continue to call them out every time it happens.”

As we enter the primary election season, the incident involving Governor DeWine serves as a reminder of the imperative to elect unwavering conservatives who prioritize the rights of parents and the safety of children. Texas, like many other states, must be represented by leaders committed to protecting the families of Texas. It is the duty of every conservative voter to engage in due diligence, supporting candidates who will champion legislation safeguarding the future of our families and our nation.


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