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Not So “Child Friendly” Pride Parade Held In Dallas On Sunday

A “child friendly” pride parade was held in Dallas on Sunday during "pride weekend". Like always, there was not one child friendly thing about it. Almost fully naked men running around in masks, free HIV testing booths, and people too drunk to walk, stumbling around all while small children roamed the streets.

A Parade That Raises Concerns

On a sunny Sunday in Dallas, a child-friendly pride parade aimed at celebrating LGBTQ+ identities and rights took center stage. The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) even supported the event by featuring its marching band. However, what unfolded during the parade has left many deeply troubled, sparking a vigorous debate about the event's implications for children and society.

Provocative Displays

Among the most vulgar aspects of the parade were the presence of nearly naked men wearing dog masks. These men called themselves the DFW Pups and cheerfully danced down the street. None of them at any point removed their masks despite it being brutally hot outside. Who knows what kind of person could have been behind each mask. With children present I’d think that’d be a pretty important thing to establish.

Explicit Content

The parade also featured floats with performers engaging in what many have criticized as "perverted dances." The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” were there after their appearance at a local church dressed in their sexual nun costumes.

The Attendee’s Opinions

A particularly troubling incident occurred when I was in a conversation with a woman who asserted that her dogs were gay due to her influence. This assertion sparked the question that if a woman can “convince” a dog to be gay, imagine what she could do to a young impressionable human mind.

One attendee, a homosexual African American man, expressed reservations about the event. He stated that he does not endorse celebrating one's sexual orientation and questioned the appropriateness of involving children in such events. However, he felt compelled to attend to avoid potential backlash from his friends and peers. He stated that he would be “canceled” if his friends heard what he had to say but told us that he wouldn’t be supporting Joe Biden despite his support for the homosexual agenda.


This event, like many other similar ones, was a horrific display of sexual deviance. There was no “toning it down” for the children present or any regard for their wellbeing whatsoever. The war of radical inclusivity has taken over the streets of Dallas. We must pray for these people, especially the ones who know what they’re doing is wrong but feel the societal pressure to continue in their sinful ways, that they turn from their strange sexual desires and find Christ.


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