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Not Even Toys are Gender Ideology Free

Since Texas Family Project’s founding, we’ve seen the Anti-Family Left attempt to brainwash and sexualize our children through fashion shoots, hyper-sexualized materials in school libraries, and “kid friendly” drag shows. Now, it’s being uncovered that not even toys are a safe haven for our children.

That’s right, the Gender Ideology Mafia has been sinking their teeth into the toy market. It was reported later last year by Daily Mail that American Girl, known for their dolls, are circulating 96 page guides marketed towards girls between the ages of 3 and 10. These guides include information on how to ask their doctors for puberty-altering chemicals and gives the young readers “resources” they can access if they don’t have any adults that will support these radical and barbaric medical operations.

It should be noted that American Girl is owned by the popular toy and entertainment company Mattel, which also owns Barbie, Fisher Price, and many other toy companies. Laurel Buggan of The Stream reports that Mattel has pushed out a number of toys made with the intention of pushing gender ideology, such as a transgender Barbie doll, a Pride themed Uno Deck, proceeds from certain toys’ profits going towards LGBT+ groups, and much more.

This is just another example of how aggressive the offensive assault from the Anti-Family Left is. Not even dolls or Uno cards are safe from the radical gender ideology.

Parents, it is up to us not only to make our voices heard and organize with each other, but also to ensure that we are active in our children’s lives. Pay attention to what is being sent home from school with them. Pay attention to the media they’re consuming. Pay attention, apparently, to any books that come with their American Girl dolls.


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