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North Texas School District Caught Withholding Information From Parents

A North Texas school district, Anna ISD, has been exposed for concealing critical information from parents concerning students who identify as transgender. The Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF), as reported by Texas Scorecard, initiated an investigation into the district following a mother's claim of a violation of her parental rights. The findings are deeply concerning, revealing a deliberate effort to keep parents in the dark about the use of opposite-sex pronouns and gender identity naming conventions for their children.

The Investigation:

The investigation conducted by CDF unearthed a disturbing practice within Anna ISD. It was discovered that the district maintained two sets of records for each student. The first, labeled as the "permanent record," contained the child's actual information. The second, termed the "non-permanent record," documented the child's chosen name and fabricated gender identity.

Violations of Texas Education Code:

Citizens Defending Freedom has asserted that Anna ISD's "transgender" policy stands in direct violation of the Texas Education Code. The code is in place to protect parental rights and ensure that parents are fully informed and involved in their children's education. The failure of the school district to disclose crucial information about the use of alternative pronouns and identity conventions raises concerns about the adherence to state regulations and ethical standards.

Protecting Parental Rights:

In the face of these revelations, it becomes imperative for parents and concerned citizens to stand up for transparency in government schools. Parental rights are a cornerstone of our society, and any attempts to infringe upon them must be met with resolute opposition. The Anna ISD case is a reminder that we must remain proactive in safeguarding the rights of parents to make informed decisions about their children's education.

The uncovering of Anna ISD's hidden transgender policy highlights the need for increased scrutiny and oversight in our educational institutions. As Texans, we must demand transparency from our schools and ensure that they adhere to state laws and regulations. The battle for parental rights is ongoing, and it is crucial that we unite to protect the fundamental principles that form the bedrock of our society.


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