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North Texas “Church” Transporting Transgenders for Surgeries

Galileo Church in North Texas has sparked concern among followers of Christ for its audacious venture—the "North Texas TRANSportation Network." This “church” has been a prominent promoter of the LGBTQ movement, which is an anti-Bible ideology.

Galileo Church's North Texas TRANSportation Network, supported by the “church,” offers to pay for travel expenses out of Texas for transgender surgeries across 19 counties in the DFW metroplex. They have options for children to apply as well. We’ve seen major corporations offer to do this as well, but now a “church” is backing them up.

When a “church” is willing to extend its support to children seeking "transgender care,” a considerable concern arises for the families of North Texas. A child, without outside influence, wouldn’t know what any of this means. For a church to propagate the idea of leaving your home and traveling elsewhere for a harmful surgery or to promote a destructive lifestyle is wrong.

Galileo Church proudly declares its mission to "Do justice for LGBTQ+ Individuals," a stance that directly opposes what the Bible teaches. Churches like this are popping up more frequently. They rarely talk about the Bible or God and focus solely on the country's social climate. This “church” is no house of God but is deceptive and tricks people into thinking it is.

There is obscene language employed by Galileo Church on its website, with the using terms like "bullsh*t.” This departure from decorum is viewed by many as symptomatic of a broader abandonment of Biblical values.

Galileo Church's venture into secular activism through the North Texas TRANSportation Network has enraged many throughout the Christian community. The controversy surrounding this unconventional initiative underscores the broader ideological battle within religious institutions, as traditional values clash with the rising tide of secular progressivism. We must stand firm in our values and beliefs and understand we are surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing.


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