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“My Choice is to stay true to myself and my religion” Christian Athlete Stands Up to Anti-Family ...

The woke NHL is in the news again.

In case you don’t follow hockey, or maybe you only follow the Dallas Stars, a Christian NHLer recently angered the Anti-Family Left to the point of calling for him to be forced into the Russian military and for his team, the Philadelphia Flyers, to be fined a Million U.S. Dollars.

Like most professional sports leagues, NHL franchises have been pandering to the left for ticket sales by hosting “Pride Nights” throughout the season, encouraging their fans, staff, and players to “celebrate” LGBTQ+ values.

During pregame woke performative warmups, which are optional, players don rainbow cladden jerseys that later get auctioned off for different left wing charities and organizations.

While the NHL and its teams disguise their pride night events to represent “inclusivity” and “making everyone feel welcome,” it’s clear there is much more at play


Enter the Russian born and former 7th overall draft pick Ivan Provorov.

Provorov, or Provy, is a devout member of the Russian Orthodox Church and a standout player on the ice. Like most Christ followers, Provorov wanted to hold true to his beliefs despite being pressured by his employer and sports media to bend the knee at the Altar of Woke.

When it was time for players to hit the ice to warm up in their pride jerseys for their game against the Anaheim Ducks, Provorov decided to stay in the locker room. While most fans feared he had either been traded or injured, it was later found out that he did not want to contribute to the Anti-Family Left’s culture of making sexuality a personality trait.

Provorov’s pride jersey was not auctioned off.

“My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion”

While sports journalists have tantrums on TV, radio, and social media, fans all around the world have been showing their support for Provy taking his stand for his faith by purchasing his jersey. So much so that as of January 19, the NHL store and other major retailers have already sold out of his jersey in almost all sizes and styles.

This goes to show that standing up for your values despite facing backlash from the Anti-Family Left is more important now than ever.

We need more athletes like Provy.


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