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Austin ISD Hangs District Branded Pride Flag

The City of Austin is rapidly becoming one of the most liberal cities in America, on par with the likes of Los Angeles or New York. The Texas way of life and values we hold dear have dissolved in the state capitol. This week, Austin ISD is embracing wokeness by flying a pride-themed Austin ISD flag at an elementary school in the district.

Austin ISD is revealing its true colors by exposing elementary-aged children to sexualized content. The pride flag only serves one purpose: to decree an individual’s sexual preference. There isn’t a single reason why pride flags should be flown around children. Nobody who works with children in the State of Texas should be able to talk about their sexual desires and preferences with the kids. It is inherently perverted and should be punishable by law. 

Parents must step up and monitor what their children are being taught and exposed to in the classroom. Schools are becoming institutions of indoctrination rather than education, and classrooms are no longer a safe place for children to be. Woke teachers are not being held accountable for their actions. It is up to parents to protect their kids from the perils of public education in Texas until these issues are resolved at the state level. 

Austin has been at the center of attention lately after the City Council passed a resolution to make Austin a ‘sanctuary city’ for child genital mutilation. Attorney General Ken Paxton stated he would take legal action to enforce Texas law that explicitly prohibits the physical transition of minors, regardless of the city's resolution vote. Austin has clearly embraced woke ideology and plans to do everything it can to erase the nuclear family unit in Texas. 

The pride flags being flown in Austin ISD elementary schools are a demonstration that the city stands in clear opposition to the rest of the state, and that they want to push a radical ideology onto the next generation of Texans. They have shown that they do not care about traditional Texas values or protecting the innocence of kids. Legislation must be passed in the 2025 legislative session to address these issues and remove gay pride flags from the classroom.


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