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LGBTQ Indoctrination Summer Camps Popping Up In Texas

The indoctrination and sexualization of children is and always has been the goal of the LGBTQ movement. To gain access to children during the summer months when schools are on break, several LGBTQ groups are organizing camps specifically for kids. Some of these camps cater to specific "members" of the LGBTQ community, while others are open to all children. Unable to reach kids through government schools during the summer vacation, these camps have become their avenue of choice to advance their agenda.

The first major camp identified was the “Kin⋅dom Camp.” registration runs through the end of Pride month and is open to children as young as twelve. This five-night camp is held in Texas, Illinois, Nevada, and Indiana, with the Texas camp running from July 21st through July 26th. The advertisement says this camp is "affirming," and the only expectation is a "commitment to welcoming and celebrating everyone where they are, as they are." Backed by the Presbyterian Church and United Methodist Church, the camp offers a "Young Adult Leadership Training" for 18 to 20-year-olds at the same location and time. Suspiciously, the registration site is also looking for "in-cabin counselors" volunteers but doesn't reveal the location of the Texas camp, stating that it can only be known after purchasing a ticket. This seems extraordinarily suspect, and any parent sending their 12-year-old child to an unknown location with unknown people would be flat-out irresponsible.

The next camp we were made aware of is “Camp Indigo,” a summer day camp in Austin running from July 15th through the 19th, with the slogan "Be a Kid." Oddly, tickets for this camp are cheaper for the younger child. Open from 9 am to 3 pm, this camp targets "trans and non-binary" children and even opens its doors to children as young as five. Teaching these young, impressionable five-year-olds that they weren't born in the body God intended for them is inherently evil.

These summer camps are extremely dangerous for numerous reasons. The adults in charge have up-close and personal access to your children, with some even spending the night in the same room, leaving far too much room for potential exploitation. Additionally, indoctrinating children into the mindset that homosexuality and gender-transitioning are normal is evil. Convincing a child they weren't born the right way causes long-term mental effects. The extremely high suicide rate in the transgender community is not because people aren't "affirming" their false realities, but rather due to their inability to accept their God-given features as their own, which has extreme psychological effects that nobody, especially children, should be exposed to.

These LGBTQ summer camps have no place in Texas. They promote the social transitioning and grooming of children as young as five, which must be put to an end. It is unacceptable to teach such young, impressionable children that they were born into the wrong body. Parents who send their children to these camps should be ashamed and held accountable if their child is harmed at the hands of these “camp counselors.”


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