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LGBT Swim Event in Denton Featured “All-Gender” and “All-Age” Changing Rooms and a Violent Leftis...

On Sunday, June 11th, a “Big Gay Swim Day” was hosted at the Civic Center Pool in Denton, featuring only “all-gender” and “all-age” changing rooms. The event was hosted jointly by OUTreach Denton and PriDenton, both groups that support pushing the LGBT agenda onto children, through drag and other LGBT events.

In an attempt to ensure the smooth sailing of the “children-having-to-watch-grown-men-change-underwear”party, the event featured a ragtag “community security team.”

Garrett Lee, a member of the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club was one of those security team members.. Lee is also a provocative member of the leftist militia, whose last event saw three of their members arrested for assaulting not only Christian protestors, but also police officers. Lee himself has a history of assaulting peaceful protestors, and making violent threats against anyone who wants to protect kids.

Remember the mainstream leftist narrative merely ten years ago? The LGBTABCDEFG+ movement was simply about allowing same sex couples marriage equality. In no time at all, they have progressed from that to putting little girls in changing rooms with naked grown men.

Needless to say, this kind of lunacy endangers the safety of innocent children and is wholly intolerable. But placing children in sexually twisted situations and mindsets like this is exactly what the left wants, and they are serious about continuing to do that.

A serious call must be made, and substantial action taken, to legally put an end to these happenings.

In the most recent 2023 legislative session, the Texas Legislature passed some valuable and hard-hitting bills to protect Texas kids, including SB 12, which banned sexually explicit performances in the presence of minors. SB 14 was also passed, banning the practice of gender mutilation and puberty blocking treatments for minors. However, the members of the legislature completely failed to file even a single “bathroom bill” that could restore sanity and safety to our bathrooms and changing rooms.

Various other states, ranging from Alabama in the deep south, to even the moderate swing state of New Hampshire, have been introducing and passing bills that make women’s restrooms for women and men’s restrooms for men. But in Texas, very few such bills have even been authored. From the time the issue gained attention in 2015, none of the proposed bills have gathered much steam.

Texas families demand the safety and innocence of their children. And Texas women don’t want to see men walking around their bathrooms or watching them change clothes.

Moving forward, Texas needs to step up its game on restoring sanity in such intimate spaces. These obscenities must not be allowed to go on, and Texas Family Project is staying committed to speaking up and fighting against them on every front.


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