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Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker Trolls Joe Biden with Pro-life Tie at the White House

At an event at the White House held on Monday to commemorate the Chiefs for having won the Super Bowl, a player well-known for being a devout Catholic and outspoken supporter of the pro-life cause, trolled Joe Biden with a message on his suit’s custom tie.

The message reads “Vulnerari Praesidio”, a Latin phrase which roughly translates to “Protect the Vulnerable.” This marks yet another brave show of support for the pro-life cause from Butker, who is one of the few recognizably Christian players left in the NFL.

As a popular athlete, Butker has recently been using his platform and publicity to point to greater things beyond himself, like the sanctity and value of human life at all stages. Back in July 2022, he was featured in an ad for the pro-life “Value Them Both” amendment in Kansas, and while the amendment failed, Butker did his part in supporting the pro-life charge.

He also made the rounds last month for giving an inspiring speech to graduates at the Georgia Institute of Technology, proclaiming, “get married, and start a family.”

Anti-family overlords in places like Hollywood and in sports media seek to dismantle the most valuable, beautiful, and basic human social institution that we have. With just how omnipresent the left’s rhetoric is among public figures in athletics, film and more, the existence of people like Butker is a much-needed breath of fresh air.

The pro-family cavalry in Texas extends great gratitude to Butker and all those like him who bravely use their fame to advance the fight for the family and protect the innocent unborn. We hope and pray that more prominent figures will join us in holding fast for what we value most.


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