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Just Because We’re Texas, Doesn’t Mean We’re Safe.

Chris Hopper

Weatherford, TX

In Texas, Conservative Republicans can often fall into a lull of feeling safe, especially from laws and norms of that in radical left states like California or New York. This past election day, which was largely successful for Republicans in Texas, has probably boosted that lull.

Texas Family Project is here to wake the pro-family cavalry up out of that lull and open its eyes to what is not only coming to Texas, but what is already here.

Take the Lubbock library, for example, that has been in a months-long fight to keep hyper-sexual materials away from the eyes of children.

Or, take the onslaught of sexually explicit drag shows throughout North Texas that have been disturbingly targeting children, using Disney branding.

And of course, we can never forget the story of James Younger, a young man who’s mother is doing everything she can to not only keep him away from his loving father, but also relocate him to California so that they may move forward with chemical castration and physical gender change surgeries without his father’s consent. The Texas Supreme Court has recently ruled to allow the mother to do this.

These stories and many others are reminders that while we may feel safe and protected here in Texas, we must always stay vigilant. The anti-family left has been winning the war on our children. It started with indoctrination at colleges and universities all across the country, and is now flowing into preschools and libraries, going after our youngest, most innocent Texans.

This is why I founded Texas Family Project in 2022. We will fight to insure schools educate, not indoctrinate. We will fight to outlaw any gender transitioning surgeries for minors. We will fight to protect our children from obscene materials. We will protect girls and women’s sports, and of course, we will fight to protect the most innocent among us, the unborn.


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