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Press Release

Weatherford, TX October 13, 2022 – Today's statement from Glenn Hegar is a win for conservatives. We disagree with Hegar's decision to not fine Mr. Misster and have always believed current state law is far from adequate and that all of the other drag shows in Texas are sadly legal, until the legislature takes action. This is why we worked at the Texas GOP convention to ensure that ending the sexualization of children was a legislative priority. Now it's up to the legislature, and we look forward to ensuring they take action in 2023.This much must be clear to every elected Republican - either be part of the solution to ending the sexualization of Texas kids, or be prepared for pressure like you've never experienced.

The Texas Family Project is fighting to make Texas families the most powerful force in Austin by building a political calvary of pro-family forces. Find out more and sign our Texas Family Pledge at

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