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Is chemical castration part of the plan to eradicate the disabled?

We already knew that the counselors, case workers, and doctors working to butcher and castrate Texas youth are targeting a vulnerable population, but can it be even more sinister?

Several studies have been done by the NHS (National Health Service, based in the United Kingdom) and other NGOs on minors undergoing gender transition.

According to Spectrum News, people who question their gender identity are SIX TIMES as likely to be on the Autism Spectrum as those who do not. This study shows that children diagnosed with ADHD are more likely to experience “gender variance” than those without.

Another study from 2010 also shows a strong link between minors diagnosed with autism and gender confusion.

Whether it be Autism, ADHD, or Clinical Depression, it’s clear that gender-affirming care clinics (the clinics mutilating genitals and chemically castrating children) are targeting minors with developmental disabilities.

This clinic in England is proof.

Around 98% of children that came to the Tavistock clinic presented signs of Autism, Depression, Anxiety, or another cause of unhappiness not related to gender dysphoria.

The clinic was so determined to push a gender ideology it ignored these symptoms and diagnosis.

This is a crime to the highest degree.

Mutilating and drugging children under the banner of “loving” and accepting” is pure evil. Beyond that, knowing what we know about the mental well-being of these kids, it’s medical malpractice, and everyone involved at this clinic should be imprisoned.

But this is all part of the culture of death that's been honed in Europe, a group of nations that have made headlines in the past few years for a deranged view of the disabled. Especially children.

In December 2020, the Atlantic published an article entitled The Last Children of Down Syndrome that noted only 6 children with Down were born in Denmark; the rest were aborted.

Or this headline from the New York Post in 2016, Europe’s ‘cure’ for autism is euthanasia. The title says it all. This begs the question: Is this happening in the United States? If not, is this where we're headed?

What about Texas?

Earlier this year, I wrote about the GENECIS clinic in Dallas, which despite ongoing legal battles, is still administering puberty blockers and other drugs to minors.

Not only does the Texas Legislature need to OUTLAW the gender transitioning of minors, but those taking part in it need to be investigated for medical malpractice.

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