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Huge Win For Families In The Texas Primaries

The 2024 primary election season has been brutal. As with any election season, attacks were made, false information flooded inboxes and mailboxes, and voters were left with tough decisions. This election, however, proved that Texans wanted education freedom and they were no longer going to fall to the establishment lies.

Governor Greg Abbott endorsed a number of school-choice candidates after the initiative failed to pass in the house in multiple special sessions. Many of those endorsements ended up winning on election day. It is always a challenging task to unseat a sitting representative, but with the massive push for education freedom, it was made possible.

School choice is now more possible than ever with the victories that were won on election day. There are a number of runoffs set to happen in May, which could lead to an even bigger pro-education freedom House. Most notable of these include House Speaker Dade Phelan, who failed to pass school choice through the legislature and is now set for an important runoff with challenger David Covey. 

Many of the pro-education freedom victors are also willing to protect Texas families in other areas. They won’t compromise on abortion, they’ll fight to keep casino gambling out of Texas, and they’ll continue to pass legislation to end the sexualization of children.

Pro-family legislation that was passed in previous sessions was good, but most of the bills ended up getting bogged down in federal litigation. This wave of pro-family victories means that rather than waiting on the courts to drag out cases and make decisions, we can now take proactive steps to continue to pass legislation until it sticks. 

This has been a very successful primary season for pro-family candidates with even more exciting news to come after the May runoffs. Elections are brutal for the candidates and their families, so make sure to thank them for running to serve Texas. Texans have made their decision to bring educational freedom to Texas. We will continue to advocate for educational freedom and parental rights for all Texas families.


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