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Head Of LGBTQ Group Arrested For Child Sex Crimes

The head of a Canadian LGBTQ rights group has just been arrested on multiple charges relating to sex crimes against children. It is terrifying that another child has been a victim of the LGBTQ cult, yet it is unsurprising. There seem to be cases of members of LGBTQ and drag groups harming children daily, so action and accountability must be taken.

A spokesperson for the British Columbia Prosecution Service told reporters that Sean Gravells had been accused of molesting a child under 16, sexual interference of a person under 16, possession of child pornography, and importation or distribution of child pornography. These offenses are believed to have happened between December 29 and December 31st, so we applaud the authorities for handling the situation quickly. He is set to have his trial on January 29th.

While this situation didn’t happen in Texas, or America for that matter it is still important to highlight its significance. Many of these predators hide in plain sight, and their attempts are apparent. This calls for parents to be proactive and monitor what their children are viewing and where their children are going. The group that Gravells was in charge of hosted a “Pride Teen Night,” as reported by Blaze Media. 

LGBTQ and pride groups, in no instance, should be allowed to be around children. These groups are sexual in nature and certainly not a place for an adult to send their child to be influenced. They target children to grow their movement because they’re young and impressionable and know that adults won’t buy into their delusions. We must not allow our children to fall victim to their schemes.

We must implement more safeguards for children to avoid situations like this. There is no place in Texas for pedophiles, and hopefully, this criminal gets punished to the maximum extent. The innocence of children must be protected and fought for, so disbanding groups similar to this one is essential to the protection of children.


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