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Greenville ISD Teacher Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Teachers sexualizing children in Texas public schools is an issue that seemingly happens every single day. We see drag queen story hours, sexualized LGBTQ books, or, most commonly, teachers sexually assaulting children. 

Corey Bankston, a robotics teacher in North Texas, was arrested on multiple child pornography charges. He was charged with one count of possession of child pornography and four counts of possession with intent to promote child pornography.

Corey Bankston could face up to 30 years in prison, and his bond was set at $320,000. Even with that potential punishment, it seems not to deter these school staffers one bit. The punishment has to be higher, especially for teachers and educators, in order to have more deterrence. Hiring practices need to be tightened up so people like this don’t end up in front of children every day. 

The teacher who was caught wasn’t even caught intentionally. There was a search warrant executed at the house of Kari Lane, and through that they found Corey Bankston. Without this strike of luck, this teacher would still be out with children on a daily basis.

Following the arrest, Greenville ISD sent an email to parents and staff saying that Bankston was put on administrative leave and that they would be fully cooperating with the authorities. In all of these cases, the school responds by saying that they are so sorry and they will be fully cooperating, but at that point, the damage is done.

We must have more preventative measures to protect Texas children. That could be increasing the penalty for committing such an act, tightening up hiring practices in schools, or being stricter with the relationships teachers are allowed to have with students. There is something wrong with the system currently in place. It went from being a rare occurrence to now seeing it every single day.

In conclusion, we have to find a way to make schools safer for children. We need school choice so that parents can pull their children from schools where this is taking place. Schools are no longer a safe place for kids to learn and grow; they’re a breeding ground for pedophilia. Schools and school districts must actively find ways to make their respective schools safe.


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