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Fort Worth ISD Choosing Abstinence-Based Sex Ed Curriculum

Fort Worth ISD chose an abstinence-based Sex Ed curriculum as opposed to the Planned Parenthood-based program that they previously considered. This is a huge win for the families and children in Fort Worth ISD. 

Sex Ed curriculums across the state take different approaches, but lots of them lean on pregnancy prevention. They are teaching children how to have “safe” sex, but in reality, there is no such thing. The only 100% foolproof method of pregnancy prevention is abstinence. Teaching children that having sex is okay if you follow certain steps is the wrong way to go about things, and Fort Worth ISD has stepped up and taken a different approach: abstinence-based Sex Ed.

Representative Nate Schatzline (R-Fort Worth), who ran unopposed this primary, said, “We must continue to protect our children from sexualization,” and that statement is 100% correct. Schatzline is a fighter for the family in the Texas State House and has been outspoken about many issues in the classroom. He is an education freedom advocate and will continue to push pro-family legislation in the next session.

Having a solid school choice program would allow for this to be made possible in every Texas school district. School choice brings competition to the education field, forcing public school districts to make sure their policies reflect the will of the parents in order to retain students. School choice benefits public schools as well because it encourages families to enroll their children if they know their district is not spewing Leftist ideology.

Teaching kids about “safe sex” practices is not the job of public schools. They should teach about abstinence and help kids understand the importance of it. Anything beyond that should be a conversation between parents and their children. Fort Worth ISD is now leaps and bounds above a lot of school districts and hopefully, others will follow.

This would not be possible without parents stepping up and taking control. Parents advocated for this and took action, showing up to school board meetings and making their voices heard. At this point, it should be expected that schools will push liberal policies unless parents take a stand. This is a major win for those in Fort Worth ISD and Texas as a whole.


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