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Fort Worth Hosts Hyper-Sexual “Family Friendly” Pride Festival

Pride month, which is fueled by Satan, has taken over the state of Texas. North Texas has led the way with pride events happening almost every single day and events that allow children inside every weekend. This past weekend Texas Family Project President Brady Gray reported on the Trinity Pride Festival in Fort Worth. 

Booths were everywhere selling inappropriate items. Many of these booths are the same ones that travel from pride event to pride event knowing they can make a lot of money from them. Inappropriate language is displayed on shirts and the attendees of these events love them. 

At this “family friendly” pride festival drag performances were happening most of the day. Children and families were gathered around to watch these half naked men dressed as women parade themselves around. Footage shows children handing money to the drag performers as they came around because all drag performances are is a literal money grab. Men with fake boobs shake their butts around, maybe even do the splits, then walk around and collect money from the audience. 

One of the drag queens had a particular interest in the children that were present at the event. He called on multiple parents to share about their families and had everyone give a round of applause to the parents who brought their children to this disgusting event. One of the drag queens later outed himself as a teacher. There is no art aspect of this and their certainly isn’t an educational aspect of this which is the justification for them still being allowed in Texas.

As it stands currently there is no way for law enforcement to criminally prosecute drag performances. Texas penal code 43.21 states that “obscene” is defined as anything the average person would depict as sex or anything else absurd that lacks artistic, political, and scientific value.  The argument from the drag community is that what they are doing is and should be considered art and the state currently agrees with them. The performances that are happening in schools and in front of children are somehow being classified as educational.

Multiple elected officials were present and on stage at the event to show their support for homosexuality and LGBTQ child indoctrination. Some city council members as well as a state representative were present. The event was sponsored by Frank Kent Cadillac.

These drag performances have no place in the state of Texas. Texas should be leading the charge on putting an end to the LGBTQ indoctrination rituals we see all over the country. The large majority of Texans do not want these events to happen in their communities and around their children. We shouldn’t be forced to hide our children from the park or a library for fear that a drag performance will be going on there. Texans are tired and it’s time the Texas legislature puts an end to the indoctrination once and for all.


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