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Former Texas Teacher Films Pornography In The Classroom

American culture has become extremely oversexualized. An epidemic of overly sexual adults becoming teachers has found its way to Texas public schools and we have seen the consequences. Last year alone, over one hundred Texas teachers were arrested on child sexual abuse charges. Video has just surfaced of a Lamar CISD teacher making pornographic videos in her classroom and around the school.

There seems to be no accountability in the Texas public education system. The hiring process in Texas public schools needs improvement. The most common occurrence is that these teachers are put on some sort of leave once their wrongdoing is exposed. The violation will either result in the district waiting for the issue to leave the public eye and then reinstating the teacher or the teacher being put on the “do not hire” list. Many schools don’t even check the “do not hire” list when screening potential hires, allowing the teacher to be hired elsewhere.

This teacher specifically was making videos in her classroom where she pulled her boobs out and pulled her pants down while dancing sexually in front of the camera. These videos occurred both in her classroom and in the bathroom of the school, with her school credentials on display.

Does this sound like someone you want your children to be influenced by? A woman who has absolutely no self control and lets her sexual desires enter the workplace. Children need positive role models to be both teaching and influencing them. What if a child walked into the classroom while this was happening? Would accountability finally be brought? At what point is it too much?

There are many questions about what is acceptable or unacceptable for teachers to do. There are also many loopholes in the legal system allowing many of these teachers to not face consequences. We need legislation immediately that addresses these issues and protects children from people who practice these harmful behaviors. Teachers are meant to teach, not sexualize the classroom. There must be more accountability in the hiring practices of people who work with children.


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