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Press Release

WEATHERFORD, TX — December 7, 2022 — Defend Our Kids TX, powered by Texas Family Project, is proud to announce it has successfully deterred hundreds of cyber attacks on its website over the past week.

Despite clearly coordinated efforts by the woke mob organizing on social media, Defend our Kids has continued collecting leads about upcoming drag shows targeting kids in Texas to inform our partners across the state.

TFP President Chris Hopper said of the attacks, “it’s business as usual here while we watch the blaze atop the collective head of our enemies.”

“No amount of pressure or harassment will stop the Texas Family Project from pursuing our mission to safeguard the innocence of Texas children.”

The left’s denial-of-service botnet attacks have reached levels exceeding 700,000 requests on the site over the course of 4 hours, employing tens of thousands of devices.

As we monitor the malicious actors operating in plain sight, we are collecting relevant identifying information for criminal and potential civil complaints to the extent they further the mission of our organization and movement.



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