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Florida, Missouri, find Other Ways to Defend Kids While Legislatures Convene

Mutilating children is inhumane.

All across the country children are having their innocence stripped away before they’re even capable of informed consent.

Luckily, there has been recent traction in the fight against the bodily mutilation and chemical castration of children.

In February, the Florida Board of Medicine voted to prohibit the chemical castration of minors via hormone therapy and irreversible surgeries. While the vote will not apply to minors already undergoing sexual castration, this is a huge step in the right direction.

Additionally, the Attorney General of Missouri issued an emergency regulation to clarify that Missouri law bans child gender modification because the surgeries are experimental.

Even Georgia and Arizona, arguably purple states, are closer to banning the gender modification of children than Texas is.

States like Florida and Missouri are leaps and bounds ahead of the Lone Star State.

But, what is Texas doing?

We are over halfway through the Texas Legislative session and not a single bill to ban gender modification has passed.

However, there are two pieces of legislation which have picked up some traction over the past couple of days.

On Monday, HB1686 which would prohibit public money from going towards child abuse procedures and treatments for gender transitioning through puberty blockers and gender mutilation surgeries was heard in the Public Health committee.

Furthermore, SB14 passed out of the State Affairs committee last week and is heading to a floor vote in the Texas State Senate. More recently, SB14 has passed 2nd reading in the Senate. Unfortunately it passed the reading with a grandfather clause amendment for minors already receiving so-called treatment.

If signed into law, this bill would do the same as HB1686.

Texas Family Project applauds Representative Oliverson and Senator Campbell for their work to ban child abuse. We need you to contact your representative and senator and encourage them to support HB1686 and SB14!


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