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Federal Courts are Allowing Drag Queens to Strip for Children


Texas Senate Bill 12 (SB 12), is a piece of legislation designed to protect our children from attending “child-friendly” drag shows. A federal judge declared SB 12 unconstitutional and imposed a permanent injunction on it. The constitution and “freedom of speech” should not allow for perverse men, some of whom are actual pedophiles and sex offenders, to dance provocatively in front of children.

An Uphill Battle

We knew from the start that this fight was going to be an uphill battle even though it seems this should be a common sense and quite frankly, a bi-partisan issue. Multiple pro-family bills from this past legislative session have been held up in federal courts.

The Battle Continues

While the court's decision is disheartening, it is by no means the end of the road for SB 12. We need the state of Texas and Attorney General Ken Paxton to file an appeal as soon as possible to get this resolved and signed into law. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick stated on “X” that “This story is not over”. Hopefully getting this bill bumped into another court will resolve this issue so a law that most Texans believe in can become reality, for the sake of our youth.

Calling Upon Governor Abbott

Should our efforts to overturn this court decision fall short, we must turn to Governor Greg Abbott to call another special session to address this matter head-on. We must quickly file new legislation that mirrors the now “dead” bill. This isn’t a fight we can give up on so if it takes going the long way around to get it passed that’s what we must do.


This recent ruling against Texas SB 12 serves as a stark reminder that our fight for our cherished values is unending. We shall not submit to the federal government's encroachments, especially when it comes to the preservation of our children's innocence. Best case scenario our appeal goes through but if not, as Dan Patrick said, “This story is not over”.


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