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FDA Spits in the Face of Family Values, Approves America’s First Ever Over-the-Counter Birth Control

On Thursday, the FDA plunged America deeper into reproductive turmoil by approving America’s first ever non-prescription, over-the-counter birth control pill. The approval came just one day after two panels of advisors to the agency voted unanimously to recommend approval.

The pill in question, Opill, is manufactured by HRA Pharma (which was recently acquired by Perrigo), and was first approved by the FDA in 1973 for prescription use. In the past few months, many FDA scientists voiced suspicion of the studies HRA provided to them to back up the pill’s effectiveness and safety. Most of the studies were from back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and the data was found to be inconsistent.

It was widely expected that the FDA would examine the evidence and advice they received carefully and come to a decision in late summer. But in classic fashion, the FDA ultimately decided to make a rushed approval of a drug there are still questions about. And now, the pill will be pushed at countless local pharmacies, corner stores and grocery stores across the States.

The impact of this should not be underestimated. As countries across the Western world continue to see declining birth rates, women and most especially young girls are being constantly targeted by the anti-family agenda. Big Pharma wants to make sure that it is quick and easy to depopulate the country by wrecking female bodies with artificial hormones and discouraging having children … all while they profit billions of dollars.

This country cannot survive without healthy families. Texas cannot survive without healthy families. Amidst the graveyard of forgotten family values we walk in due to the sexual revolution, we have far too easily forgotten that fertility is not an obstacle, and pregnancy is not a “risk.”

If children are blessings, we cannot sit idly by while Big Pharma continues to curb their existence. Furthermore, we must protect young girls from being sucked up into the hurricane of lies that makes up the anti-family narrative that children are liabilities and families, curses.

At such a key crossroads in Lone Star history, it is more important than ever that we stay active and engaged in the defense of the family. There is no time to waste in saving the family unit from deletion, and we can assure you that Texas Family Project will be here through thick and thin.


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