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Family “Dragtivity Day” Coming To Austin

An Austin bar, “Cheer Up Charlies,” is hosting another drag event for children. This event, labeled “Dragtivity Day,” is being hosted by “Drag Story Hour,” a group that puts on drag queen story hours across the country.

Cheer Up Charlies is a self-proclaimed gay nightclub that has been known to host a large number of LGBTQ events, but now it seems they are getting children involved. One would think that no child should be allowed into a bar in general, but for some reason, exceptions are being made for this drag event.

This event is happening on Saturday, March 2nd. One of the partners for the event is Austin Public Library. This means that taxpayer funds are being used to help aid this drag event for children. Our public dollars should not be put to use to fund something the majority of people are vehemently against.

There has never been, and never will be, a “child-friendly” drag show. Drag shows are sexual in nature, and no child should be exposed to them. Recently we saw a member of one of the top drag groups in the country get arrested for multiple crimes against the child he adopted. Texas has already passed a ban on drag shows for children, but federal courts deemed it to be a violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment was not designed to justify grown men dressed in women’s clothing dancing sexually in front of children.

Events like this will only be stopped if Texans step in. We must remain vigilant in our own communities and ensure drag shows for children are ended. Texans must speak up and push against these drag groups. Texas Family Project and Defend Our Kids: Texas will continue to work hard to expose these events for what they are, indoctrination rituals.


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