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Child Sex Trafficking No Longer a Biden DOJ Priority

In a move that can only be described as a gross betrayal of the most vulnerable among us, the Department of Justice, under the Biden administration, has shockingly erased critical language from its website that detailed the horrifying realities of child sex trafficking. This includes both international and domestic child prostitution. Making this change amidst the ongoing scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s reckless encouragement of mass migration via America’s porous southern border – a known conduit for child sex trafficking – is a dangerous and irresponsible retreat in the fight against this horrific crime.

The removed content, which was added during the watch of President Donald Trump’s first term in office, underscored the transnational and digital nature of child sex trafficking in the 21st century. It provided indispensable information on the grooming process used by traffickers. Additionally, it outlined the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse employed to ensnare children in a life of prostitution. This vital warning has now been inexplicably and inexcusably erased from the page.

The previous administration had also included comprehensive sections detailing the transnational child sex trafficking rings, highlighting the problem of foreign victims trafficked into the country, as well as the homegrown problem of American children being recruited and exploited for commercial sex. It also emphasized the role of technological advances, particularly the internet, in facilitating the commercial sexual exploitation of children. All these crucial pieces of information have been wiped clean from the page in a move that can only be described as a dereliction of duty.

The safety of our children is not, and should never be a political issue. It is deeply disturbing and frankly unacceptable that such vital information has been removed, especially at a time when child sex trafficking is a growing concern. The pro-life community, which values and fights for the protection of all life, is particularly alarmed by this development. The fight against child sex trafficking is a fight for the most vulnerable among us, and it is a fight we must all be a part of.

The decision to remove this crucial information from the Department of Justice's website is a dangerous move that could potentially hinder efforts to combat child sex trafficking. We must continue to raise awareness about this issue and fight for the protection of all children. The pro-life community will continue to advocate for the protection of all life and to provide support for those in need. We must remember that every life is precious and deserves to be protected.


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