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Every day the Texas Legislature doesn’t show up to work...

Unfortunately for Texas families, the Texas House has been taking A LOT of time off lately.

After adjourning last week and returning this Tuesday to work, representatives (all but 3: Slaton, Harrison, Tinderholt) immediately approved another long weekend, kicking the can that is “doing their jobs” down the road a little further.

We now have less than 100 days left in session with very little has been done to start moving bills through the legislative process.

This is important because when the legislature gavels in its 140th day, that’s it. It doesn’t matter how many bills still need to be voted on. Unless the Governor calls for a special session, the bills die and no action can be taken.

So if a bill regarding an issue that’s important to you- like giving FULL protection to the unborn, outlawing gender modification for minors, ensuring schools educate, not indoctrinate, protecting children from hyper-sexual drag shows, and removing obscene materials from schools/libraries- doesn’t get voted on… remember the representatives who stood in the way.


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