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The Depths of Depravity Gape in Doncaster, England at Taxpayer-funded Children’s “Drag and Gl...

As the drag queen wave continues to rock the boat of the family unit here in the great state of Texas and all of America, children are falling overboard across the pond in England, too.

Earlier this month, many English children went on a short break for Easter, including children in Doncaster, a small city in north-central England. Doncaster’s local government, the Doncaster Council, invited children aged 6-17 to freely take part in a “drag and glam camp” in Woodfield Park in Doncaster, which was funded with taxpayer money via the English government’s Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) program.

The four-hour camp saw children sew drag queen-like costumes, apply make-up and create “alter-egos,” much like the alter-egos drag queens create to perform as.

Many conservative English Members of Parliament have slammed the event, such as Nick Fletcher, who said that he “will be pursuing this as it cannot be right that taxpayer money is being used in this fashion.”

The Council’s children’s services director, Riana Nelson, has embarrassingly attempted to paint the event as an innocent pastime activity, saying that what happened was that “young people were supported to take part in activities such as designing and creating their own clothes.”

But a spade is a spade, and we at Texas Family Project, for one, do not see sexualizing and “glamorizing” children as supportive for children in any way. Children are being targeted by the drag queen agenda internationally, and this must be stood up to.

Here in Texas, parents don’t want their children, who can’t drink, can’t vote and who can’t be outside alone after 11 p.m. to be sucked into the vortex of such an explicitly sexual and exhibitionist subculture. Texans have been tasked with the project of shielding their families from this great harm.

Working away at this project is of great importance, for the safety and sanity of Texas families from Texarkana to El Paso. We will continue to stay committed to getting the work done.


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