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Disturbing: Parents Have Their Child Doing Drag Shows

In a recent VICE video that has ignited a storm of controversy, the focus shifts to a disconcerting parenting choice that many argue is harming the child. The parents of a child drag queen, known as Lulu Lovely Twirls, are facing scrutiny for allowing their 6-year-old to participate in the drag scene since the tender age of 4.

Early Exposure to Drag:

The parents of Lulu Lovely Twirls have come under fire for actively encouraging and supporting their child's drag performances from the age of 4. Asa, the drag queen child, first wanted to perform in drag after his parents took him to a pride event when he was 4. The parents let their children watch a drag performance there, and the youngest and most impressionable child was the one who caught on.

Intervention by Child Protective Services:

Amidst the controversy, Child Protective Services had been called in to investigate the parenting choices of Asa's parents. After the investigation, the parents doubled down and said they didn’t want to continue to hide it after attempting to keep it quiet for a short time.

Parental Responsibility:

Instead of guiding their child away from what many perceive as a questionable path, the parents reportedly embraced and nurtured Asa's fantasy of being a drag queen, teaching a 6-year-old about pronouns and encouraging him to change them when in drag clothes. The parents essentially let the child’s fantasies run the family and let Asa be the decision-maker.

Social Media Exposure:

The controversy surrounding Lulu Lovely Twirls first gained public attention when Libs of TikTok dropped the story on X, formerly Twitter. The backlash from the comments was an accurate representation of how the public viewed this situation. Many called the parents groomers and pedophiles. Organizations like the FBI were tagged in the comments, where people begged them to investigate.

Future Impact on the Child:

The current and future impact this will have on the child is a sad subject. These drag queen/pride events have tainted this child’s innocent mind. He is confused and believes what he’s doing is the right thing and this is what he's born to do. In the future, it will be hard for this poor kid to make friends or even find a job due to the sense of entitlement the LGBTQ community has.

The case of Lulu Lovely Twirls shows the impact parents have on the minds of their young and impressionable children. We must do better to put our children in a position to succeed later in life. These parents are using their child as a PR stunt, and it isn’t acceptable. The drag show ban, passed by the Texas legislature, was deemed unconstitutional in federal courts, leaving Texas still vulnerable to deal with similar situations in the future.


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