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Dildos Being Sold And STD Tests Being Done In Front Of Kids At Pride Events

Pride month has taken over the state of Texas. The DFW area has led the charge in advancing the DEI and LGBTQ agenda this last month. Multiple events that took place in Dallas last week that shouldn’t be allowed in Texas at all. Both of the pride events that Texas Family Project reported on allowed children of any age to be present. Some of the most graphic pride events to date. 

Last Saturday morning Dallas Police Department along with bike riding clubs in Dallas held a “ride for pride.” A few police officers got up and spoke before they took off and stated some of the goals of their police department. “This event is not just about peddling through the streets, it’s about peddling towards progress” one of the Dallas Police officers stated. STD testing booths were seen on-site as well as a booth for Rafael Anchia, a state representative here in Texas. A large chalk drawing of a rainbow and was labeled “Kids Rodeo” was photographed as well. Our tax dollars are being spent on officers who are parading around for sexually deviant people instead of going to people who protect and serve our great state. 

Later that night in Arlington, Arlington Pride hosted a massive event that was disturbing for even adults, and children were present. Sara Gonzales, Executive Director of Defend Our Kids: Texas, was on sight to expose this event for what it was, a grooming expedition. While a drag queen was on stage he stopped to talk to a five-year-old boy and asked him about his experience with watching drag. Confused women who were under the false pretense that they were “transgender” were walking around shirtless. People who thought they were animals, Scouting America, formerly Boy Scouts of America, recruitment table, and most egregiously sex toys being sold. Children shouldn’t be anywhere near STD testing sights or booths selling dildos. Not only should every one of the vendors be investigated for this event, but the parents of the children in attendance should be punished for forcing their children to witness this filth. 

Pride month in Texas is aimed to draw the attention of children. Multitudes of booths selling pride-themed children’s merchandise sitting next to booths selling dildos basically sums up these events. Texans, your tax dollars are going to support some of these events. The Police, who swore to protect and serve, are spending their time and your money to ride bikes with homosexuals. These events won’t stop and Texas Family Project will be here to expose them as they come.


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