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Dallas ISD Wisely Withdraws LGBTQ Program After Public Outcry

In a recent development reported by Dallas Express and Texas Scorecard, the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) has decided to remove mentions of its controversial LGBTQ program from its official website. This decision comes after our comprehensive breakdown of the program in September and other media publications.

The LGBTQ program in question has faced criticism for its association with organizations promoting content that is deemed inappropriate for children, including resources that touch upon sensitive topics such as child gender mutilation. It is reassuring to note, however, that no schools within the district had actually implemented these controversial programs.

Brady Gray, the president of the Texas Family Project, expressed gratitude for the removal of the Out for Safe Schools program from the DISD website. However, Gray remains skeptical about whether the program itself has truly been canceled. "While I am thankful that DISD has removed mention of their Out for Safe Schools program from their website, I am skeptical as to whether or not the program itself has ceased," explained Gray.

Gray urged parents in the DISD to remain vigilant, emphasizing the importance of engaging with their children to understand the content being presented to them at school. "Parents in DISD need to remain vigilant. Talk to your kids and know what it is they are being taught," Gray cautioned.

The removal of the LGBTQ program from the DISD website underscores the necessity for proactive involvement in our communities to safeguard the innocence of our children. It is crucial for parents and community members alike to stay informed and engaged with schools to ensure that educational institutions are not promoting woke nonsense to Texas children.

The decision by the Dallas Independent School District to withdraw mentions of its LGBTQ program from its website reflects a prudent response to concerns raised by the public. As Texans, it is our duty to stay actively involved in our children's education and to question the appropriateness of the content being presented to them in our schools.


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