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Dallas ISD Joining With Gender Transition Advocates For Sex Ed

Dallas ISD is collaborating with the North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens (NTARUPT), now under the banner of Healthy Futures of Texas (HFT). The "Positive Prevention Plus" program, which has been adopted district-wide, is overseen by HFT, is an after-school program for 9th graders that “teaches” students about healthy relationships and pregnancy prevention options.

HFT offers a resource page with many questionable sites. They link to different sex groups, some of which have games called “The Condom Game” and promote “National Masturbation Month”. They also link to “A Crash Course on Gender and Gender Identity” which promotes transgender hormone use as well as surgeries.

The "Pride Guide to STIs" is within HFT's curriculum, with sections on techniques like "tucking" and "binding" to assist “transgender” children in altering their appearance. Medical studies suggest potential adverse health outcomes from these practices bolster their reservations. However, proponents argue that gender-affirming care is beneficial for the mental health of “gender diverse” youth.

As of now, no schools have implemented the program yet but they are working with schools to get it underway soon. When it does get implemented, parents will receive an opt-in form to allow their children to enter into the program.

In summary, we should all be deeply alarmed by Dallas ISD's alignment with NTARUPT/HFT. Bringing in this outside group with its perverse beliefs should not be allowed into Texas schools. Children should be taught the importance of abstinence and not the concept of abortion, which is an illegal practice in the state of Texas. We must pray that this program never rolls out and Dallas ISD takes back their decision to let this into our schools.


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