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Dallas Clinic Continues Child Transitioning

Remember when you were a teenager? Remember those phases you might have gone through that send a slight cringe down your spine today?

At least you and I had the luxury of letting those phases die out without an activist doctor or counselor trying to diagnose us and put us on chemicals, unlike today’s youth.

A recent story posted by The Dallas Express shed light on the resurgence of GENECIS, a so-called health clinic, that offers puberty blockers and other forms of chemical castrations for minors. GENECIS is led by its Chief Medical Director, Dr. Ximena Lopez.

Essentially, in late 2021 Children's Medical Center Dallas (CMCD) which runs and houses GENECIS, announced that the clinic would be shutting down. Lopez then sued CMCD, allowing the clinic to continue offering puberty altering drugs to children.

Lopez says she has seen over 70 minors since then.

Chron celebrates Lopez’s continued treatment as a victory, and even goes so far to call GENECIS “Texas’ premier healthcare program for gender affirmation.”

This is not only heartbreaking, but shows just how broken our system is and how much we need the Legislature to act this session. Puberty is not meant to be blocked. Minors are not meant to be chemically castrated.

These barbaric practices have crept into our society as “gender-affirming care” and almost always end up being irreversible actions that children later regret when they grow up. It’s because of woke doctors such as Dr. Lopez and activists posing as teachers and guidance counselors that these clinics and their brutal practices have gained popularity.

It is part of Texas Family Project’s mission to ensure that we outlaw ALL FORMS of these child mutilation surgeries and chemical castrations on minors.


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