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“Cracker Barrel Has Fallen”: TFP Exposes Cracker Barrel’s Leftist Pandering

One of Texas Family Project’s tweets went viral last week, garnering over 16 million views and single-handedly sparking a conservative boycott of the well-known and once family-friendly restaurant, Cracker Barrel. Even Forbes reported on it.

It began after TFP discovered Thursday, June 8th that Cracker Barrel’s website has pages containing statements by the company in favor of LGBT pride and DEI.

In fact, Cracker Barrel, which was once known as an establishment that stood up against gender ideology among its employees, has been infected with the LGBT woke disease for about a decade now. TFP has taken the initiative and shined the spotlight on a company that should have been dropped by all champions of family values years ago.

One would think that Cracker Barrel would understand that its generally conservative southern audience would eventually catch on and react bitterly to the news that a southern staple has caved to the mob. But wokeism is about ignoring the majority and pandering to the demands of a loud minority, so can we be very surprised?

Naturally, the leftist mob piled onto the situation on Twitter in a sad attempt to mock TFP for disapproving of Cracker Barrel’s degeneracy; the idea of upholding objective moral principles is beyond their twisted imagination.

This sudden embrace of Pride Month by Cracker Barrel sparked a flurry of reactions from Americans of all stripes. A considerable number of people, especially conservative groups, expressed disappointment, accusing Cracker Barrel of going "woke" and abandoning its core values​.

Now, this isn't a story about a rocking chair or even about Cracker Barrel. It's a story about the ever-shifting sands of American identity and culture. Cracker Barrel, with its country stores and home-style cooking, has long been seen as a slice of Americana, a refuge from the progressive, urban-focused culture that dominates our media and our political discourse.

The outrage from conservatives isn't about a rainbow-colored rocking chair. It's about the perceived surrender of a symbol of traditional America to the forces of progressivism. They see it as another sign that the America they knew and loved is being transformed without their consent.

More and more corporate knees have been bending to the Pride flag. From Bud Light to Target to Cracker Barrel, the embracing of gender ideology rolls full steam ahead, as normal people are left flabbergasted at the pure speed with which society has degenerated in recent years.

As disheartening as all this is, pro-family conservatives need to remember that the family can be restored to its former heavyweight title as the most powerful force in society.

We can continue to fight the good fight by speaking out in favor of the family and refusing to give our money to companies who support the destruction of family values. Riding out the storm requires unwavering confidence and ceding no ground. Hold the line!


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