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Comedian Chris Rock Weighs in on Abortion

You've hit a grim jackpot if you had the political left battling infanticide branding on your 2022-2023 bingo card.

The latest far-left freak out over the infanticide label is in response to a Chris Rock Netflix special, “Selective Outrage.”

Comedians, like other artists, are tasked with discussing controversy to mainstream ideas. Sometimes it’s useful; in Rock’s case, it’s a favor to pro-life activists.

Rock, pushing the envelope during his show, embraced infanticide for the pro-abortion movement.

“There’s a part of me that’s pro-life,” he says, before stating what he agrees with the pro-life movement on, that abortion is killing a baby.

“I believe women should have the right to kill babies,” Rock pronounces. “That’s right, I’m on your side. I believe you should have the right to kill as many babies as you want. Kill them all, I don’t give a . But let’s not get it twisted, it is killing a baby.

“I think women should have the right to kill a baby until he’s four years old. I think you should be able to kill a baby until you get that first report card.”

Rock even compares funding abortions to paying for a hitman.

“Whenever I pay for an abortion, I request a dead baby,” Rock says. “Sometimes I call up a doctor like a hitman: ‘Is it done?’”

The shock to his massive audience was palpable as they were forced to reckon with what an abortion actually is, the snuffing out of an innocent human life.

Rock is giving up the messaging battle on behalf of the pro-abortion lobby. He’s forcing the issue. Either America is okay with murder in the mainstream, or it’s not.

That the ghouls on the left are reacting so violently to his bit suggests they know this equivalency is true and terrible for their cause.

USA Today called him out and likened him to a sad old man.

Insider said his jokes were shocking, and other outlets said his jokes raised eyebrows.

Even leftists on Twitter thought he took it too far and even argued his bit wasn't funny.

This is similar to how liberals reacted when conservatives called California’s new abortion bill what it actually is - infanticide. They even got a biased left-wing source to fact-check and defend the new legislation.

As 2024 approaches, expect the left to continue this messaging war as they gear up and make abortion the number one issue. Texas Family Project is proud to stand by Rock’s assertion that abortion is murder.

Rock’s distillation has put the horrors of abortion on full display, and we’re thrilled that America is confronting this demon.


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