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City of Dallas Issues Taxpayer Funded Gender Transition Protocol and Insurance

Last week, right in time for the beginning of so-called “Pride Month”, internal documents from the City of Dallas were obtained by The Dallas Press that, to the shock of nobody, highlight Dallas’ continued slide down the slippery slope of gender ideology.

These documents require employees of the City to undergo transgender re-education training any time one of their coworkers comes out as “transgender”; it also lays out a laundry list of definitions and demands, including requiring employees to honor any transgender coworker’s pronouns and choice of bathrooms.

The documents also made sure to mention that the taxpayer funded insurance city employees receive, covers gender transitioning care. That’s right, taxpayers could be on the hook for these elective and unnecessary operations and medications.

In recent years, Dallas has been on a streak of dismantling common sense and codifying insanity in their full-fledged embrace of gender ideology. Even as far back as the early 1990’s, the Dallas Police Department established the “LGBTQ+ Liaison” position, in which a willing officer acts as an advocate for the alphabet community in order to “build trust between the Dallas Police Department and the community it serves.”

Dallas’ disastrous liberalization has brought it from being a place that used to exemplify civil society and Texan culture, to being a leftist exclave whose downtown is almost as dense with gay bars as it is with evening traffic. How hard do giants fall.

It is no wonder that many urban Texans dream of moving out of cities and buying property in the country, where family values are nowhere near as far gone, and pride parades don’t march down the street on the other side of your front door. Mega-gayborhoods like Dallas and Austin have become nightmares for parents who desire to protect their children’s innocence and sanity. The anti-family left couldn’t be more hostile to the family nowadays if it wanted to be.

Texas Family Project has been staking our flag in the ground, and we are not budging. Defending Texas kids from perversion and shielding the health of the family in the Lone Star State is our mission, and we are only getting started.

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