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Christian Google Employees Make A Stand

In a recent event that sparked internal outrage amongst staff, Google was pressured into distancing itself from a drag show in San Francisco. This decision came after hundreds of its employees signed a petition stating that the performance was a "direct affront to the religious beliefs and sensitivities of Christians."

The tech giant had scheduled a "Pride and Drag Show" as part of its annual series pride month events. In addition to having pride "festivities" thrown in their face, the lead performer of the show's stage name is "Peaches Christ." The petition accused Google of religious discrimination for sponsoring an event and a performer that they believed sexualized and disrespected the Christian faith.

One would think that after the LA Dodgers faced national backlash after hosting a drag group that mocks Christians, other companies would know better.

The petition stated, "Their provocative and inflammatory artistry is considered a direct affront to the religious beliefs and sensitivities of Christians." Following the circulation of the petition and complaints to the HR department, Google removed the internal listing for the performance.

Google claims the event was removed from its sponsored series because it was booked before it was fully approved by the company, but it's clear that these brave employees forced Google's hand.

The Christian employees at Google who signed the petition demonstrated immense courage in standing up for their beliefs. They risked alienation and possible termination, but they did not waver. Their actions serve as a reminder that Christian beliefs must be respected in the workplace.

This incident at Google is a testament to the power of Pro-Family voice in the corporate world.

As we watch brands like Target and Bud Light plummet amid their pride month marketing schemes, it’s clear that it only takes a few brave voices to speak out and speak up for family values.


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