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“Child Friendly” Pride Festival In Plano

This past weekend, the North Texas Pride Festival in Plano unfolded, and Defend Our Kids Texas partner Sara Gonzales was on the scene. Like always, at these festivals, there were children present and explicit materials everywhere.

The Vendors

Reports indicate that vendors were selling T-shirts with explicit slogans like "you my friend should have swallowed", and "overworked and under f*cked." One of the vendors was Lyla Lee, an author who writes books depicting gay youths for middle school to high-school-aged readers.

The People

In addition to the explicit material being sold, individuals were wearing weird animal costumes. One older overweight woman was wearing a pig costume, with the nose and all. She was also wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt to go along with it. There was a man who had a sign that read “When you Threaten my Friends you Threaten me” with “friends” in rainbow colors. The back of the sign reads, “The Only Good Nazi is a Dead Nazi.”

Mobile Disease (HIV) Testing Center

The inclusion of free HIV mobile testing centers, for homosexuals, has also become a focal point of concern. No child should be in a place where people with HIV are running around. The homosexual community is very promiscuous, so it makes sense that these testing centers would make an appearance there.

Pride parades and festivals continue to take over Texas towns and cities. Why they happen so frequently here in this great state is unknown, but we can’t sit around and let it happen. We need to pass legislation to ban the festivals from happening in this state. A video from the event is posted on the Texas Family Project Instagram and Facebook if you want a visual of what occurred. Once again, we would like to thank Sara Gonzales for being on the scene and reporting on this horrifically graphic event.


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