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BuzzBrews Lakewood Closes Down Months After TFP, Defend Our Kid TX Expose “Kid Friendly” Drag Show

Mere months after Defend Our Kids Texas, TFP’s sister organization, exposed a supposed “All Ages” friendly drag show at BuzzBrews Kitchen in Lakewood, the venue has permanently shut its doors. This is not just another restaurant closure; it's a triumph for the Texas Family Project and concerned citizens who have been tirelessly exposing the venue's morally reprehensible "kid-friendly" drag shows. The closure, announced on August 31, serves as a stark warning to any establishment that dares to put perverse adult entertainment over the well-being of our children.

Canceled Shows and a Community United

BuzzBrews had a drag brunch scheduled for August 26, but it was abruptly canceled, a clear sign that the community's voice had been heard loud and clear. The Texas Family Project's exposure and the ensuing public backlash left the venue with no choice but to shut down. This is not just a one-off event; a drag show scheduled the week before was also canceled, signaling a trend that the community will no longer tolerate such moral degradation.

Pressure Works.

While BuzzBrews still operates other locations, the closure of its Lakewood venue is a resounding victory for the family and all who champion the protection of our children from sexualized and inappropriate content. It's a stark lesson for any business contemplating the promotion of woke ideology at the expense of child safety: such ventures are not only morally bankrupt but also doomed to fail.

The closure of BuzzBrews Lakewood is a watershed moment, proving that when communities unite for the moral upbringing of our children, we can and will prevail. Let this be a lesson to all: the people of Texas will not compromise when it comes to the safety and moral integrity of our youngest citizens.


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