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Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues PornHub

In the 88th session, the Texas House passed HB 1181, which would require pornography companies to use reasonable age verification measures to keep minors off of their sites. Federal courts originally blocked this bill, but Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed the decision, and it became law.

Aylo Global Entertainment is the entity being sued by Attorney General Ken Paxton. Aylo Global Entertainment owns PornHub - one of the most heavily-trafficked sites for pornographic material.

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals allows Texas to enforce a fine of up to $10,000 per day and $250,000 if a child is exposed to pornographic content. One would think that fines of this gravity would scare pornography companies into making changes, but PornHub did not, resulting in the Attorney General’s legal actions. 

Having an Attorney General who actually stands for this legislation is vital to protecting children in Texas. The laws that are passed to protect children are only beneficial if we have the necessary resources to prosecute those who violate them. AG Paxton has been a major fighting force for the children of Texas.

In a press release on February 26th, Paxton stated, “Texas has a right to protect its children from the detrimental effects of pornographic content. I look forward to holding any company accountable that violates our age verification laws intended to protect minors from being exposed to harmful, obscene material on the internet.”

This is a major win for Texas families. The pornography industry is predatory towards young, impressionable minds. Pornography ruins the minds of young men, and unfortunately, many have fallen into the trap. We must ensure that children are not exposed to harmful content on the internet.


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