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Attorney General Ken Paxton Cleared From Charges: What This Means For Texas Families

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been the most effective Attorney General in the country in recent years. Paxton has fought for pro-family policies that were passed through the Texas legislature. Since his rise in popularity after fighting for pro-family policies, they have thrown his name through the ringer. Finally, his name has been cleared.

The terms of Paxton’s deal was to pay around $300,000 in restitution, along with 100 hours of community service, and 15 hours of legal ethics courses. Paxton agreed to do the terms of the deal but this is no admission of guilt. This was a case that lasted 10 years and was part of the reasoning for the attempt to impeach him. It is very reasonable that Paxton would take this deal to finally get this over with rather than returning to the case again at a later date. 

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick expanded on the impeachment on X and stated “Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX has suffered 9 years of political harassment instigated at the hands of his enemies in the Texas House. The actions from the Court in Houston highlighted the lack of any real evidence – the prosecution was wise to save themselves the embarrassment of a courtroom defeat.” This goes to show the length political enemies will go in order to shut down someone who is effective.

One of Paxton’s recent victories was getting Pornhub to shut down in Texas. The Texas House passed a bill requiring porn websites to have an age verification mechanism and many of them refused, most notably Pornhub. Paxton, understanding the extreme negative effects of porn and how it can destroy a family, took action and sued Pornhub resulting in them shutting down all operations in Texas. The Attorney General had proved in his tenure that he isn’t afraid to attack the large institutions that negatively affect Texas families.

This case, followed by the sham impeachment attempt by the Texas House last year, is proof of how far the establishment will go to take down effective players. Ken Paxton has proved that he will fight for the Texas family and put them first. We look forward to seeing Paxton continue to fight for families here in Texas.


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