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Anti-Biblical Church Hosts Drag Events to Fund Secret Cross-Dressing Boutique for Kids

Soli Rice l 9/27/2022

First Christian Church in Katy, Texas, who opened the doors of their Transparent Closet for confused youth to have access to cross dressing in late 2020, is now hosting drag events to bring recognition and funding to their closet.

FCC Katy has been openly “accepting and affirming” of LGBTQIA+ ideologies since 2006. They promote their ideology to children, even handing out pins that say in bold, rainbow letters, “NOT ALL CHRISTIANS SUCK.”

Conservative journalist Tayler Hansen, on behalf of Texas Family Project, went undercover to FCC’s closet to understand exactly what was going on. 

The video shows staff informing Hansen that the church’s boutique was opened to allow kids and teens to acquire clothes that they can use to display a different gender without parental knowledge. They provide clothes, including bras, underwear, and chest binders. All clothes in the closet have been donated to the church and are given for free to whoever enters the door with no questions asked.

The staff at the closet explained to Hansen that the church designed the boutique in a way that keeps parents uninformed, even going as far as using bags from Home Goods so that children can return home with their cross-dressing clothes bagged to be completely unsuspected.

They host tours of the closet to children of all ages without parent presence or permission, explaining exactly what the closet is for. They also allow private appointments, where church staff will style the individual with chosen opposite gender clothes, including undergarments.

Hansen ended the video after he was removed from the church by police when the pastor noticed that he was filming.

“Allowing kids into a secret room without parents’ permission to let them wear clothes of the opposite gender… This is straight up grooming,” one horrified citizen Tweeted.

To promote and fund their cross-gender Transparent Closet, First Christian Church Katy hosts a variety of “all-ages” drag events including fashion shows and, most recently, bingo nights.

Last Saturday, FCC hosted a “family-oriented” drag bingo, an event where young children were exposed to men dressed as women in provocative outfits while prancing around the church .

During the event, however, protestors gathered outside the church, objecting to the “family-friendly” drag event taking place, including protestors from Fort Bend County Young Republicans, Urban Conservatives of America, and Protect Texas Kids.

The “child grooming drag bingo show,” as described by protestors, was sold out by the time the event took place.

Previously, FCC hosted family-friendly fashion and drag shows, where children, teens, and adults tried on cross-gender clothing from the church’s closet to promote the closet and show their diversity. All funding from these fashion shows also goes toward funding the Transparent Closet.

One disgusted citizen wrote about the church’s activities in a Tweet:

“If a ‘pastor’ of a ‘church’ allows for this, they are not pastors, and their congregation is not a church.”


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