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American Principles Project and Texas Family Project Issue Joint Statement Condemning Comptroller...

American Principles Project and Texas Family Project Issue Joint Statement Condemning Comptroller Glenn Hegar for Failing to Protect Texas Kids

WEATHERFORD, TX — October 3, 2022 —

On Monday, Texas Family Project and American Principles Project released a joint statement condemning Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar for dragging his feet investigating child-targeting drag events in Texas. 

Following grassroots pressure, Hegar announced in August that his office would be investigating a child-targeting drag show event held at Mr. Misster in Dallas this past June. 

Over 100 days since the event, Hegar’s office has yet to conclude its investigation or take any action against the venue for violating Texas law.

Texas Family Project’s Chris Hopper and American Principles Project’s Terry Schilling issued the following joint statement:

“Glenn Hegar has refused to use his power to protect Texas kids from vile and obscene drag shows in Texas. Grassroots conservatives have called upon Hegar to act for nearly two months, but he has yet to take any action to protect children from this obvious abuse.

Hegar’s inaction is unacceptable. Texas families are beyond frustrated- they are totally appalled. Children have a right to be protected from grooming and sexualization. Hegar’s failure to act has harmed hundreds of Texas kids. By refusing to take action to hold businesses accountable to the law, Glenn Hegar is giving groomers more time and freedom to abuse Texas kids.

All across the country, grassroots activists are successfully dividing Republicans into two camps; the first camp is made up of real conservatives who are willing to use power and fight for our families. The second camp is made up of feckless Republicans who would rather oversee a downward trajectory of managed decline than fight for anything.

We have no common cause with RINO frauds who refuse to protect innocent children from being groomed and sexualized. These cowards are our enemies and have betrayed the values on which our country was founded. By refusing to act, Glenn Hegar has allied himself to groomers and deviants and betrayed the innocence of Texas kids.”


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