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Abortion Pop-up Shop Spotted in Bastrop 

On Friday, June 23rd, a New York-based nonprofit that provides women with resources to obtain abortion drugs opened a pop-up shop in Bastrop, Texas, just east of Austin.

Functionally, the “shop” is just one big advertisement with information and QR codes leading to their website, where Mayday thoroughly instructs women on how to illegally abort their child. As of the writing of this article, the shop seems to still be up.

Lawless Left Continues Its Disingenuous Ways

This comes as Texas faces an ongoing crisis of circumvention of state abortion law from various companies and advocates. One of the primary ways they do this is by providing free travel and amenities to women to get an out-of-state abortion.

Of course, Mayday knows that what they and their users are doing is not legally sound. Their website includes reminders such as “this site collects zero data that could identify a visitor,” and there is a link on their page regarding abortion pills that takes you to an in-depth tutorial on how to mask your digital identity when acquiring such pills.

In the question about legality of the pills in their FAQ, they predictably dodge the question. They claim that they “are not aware of any successful criminal prosecutions for self -managing a first trimester abortion after the overturn of Roe v Wade…”

Evidently, these abortionists are not concerned with the law, but only if and how they can undermine, escape, and dance around it.

What Now?

Mayday’s President, Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, is so brazen and so confident that Texas officials will bear no teeth that she sent personal invitations to U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, Gov. Greg Abbott, and Ken Paxton to attend the opening of the store in Bastrop.

Texans must stay vigilant and on the watch for these kinds of abortion operations. The family took a massive win with the fall of Roe v. Wade last June, but the Anti-Family Left is relentless in grooming and killing children. We must continue to call out the insanity and push for law and order.

TFP and the pro-family cavalry could not be more thankful for your support. As we work to make Texas a state that is of the family and for the family, our commitment remains steadfast. We are here to see to it that these shenanigans of the anti-family left don’t last forever.


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