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88th Session Update: Committee Chair Assignments Announced

After a record wait due to House Leadership dragging their feet, Committee Chair assignments have FINALLY been made. Here's the lay of the land for Committees that will impact our issues more than others.

Public Health - Stephanie Klick (R)

The public health Committee has jurisdiction over a slew of areas and boards for different medical practices, but it essentially stand to keep “the protection of public health, including supervision and control of the practice of medicine and dentistry and other allied health services” such as mental and developmental health, prevention and treatment of mental health, and much more. You can read more on this Committee here.

Bills relating to gender modification of minors will almost certainly come through this Committee. Stephanie Klick, who was the chair for this committee last session, killed a bill that would have outlawed the castration and mutilation of Texas kids. Get the full story from Luke Macias here.

Youth Health & Safety - Senfronia Thompson (D) (Select Cmte)

The Youth Health and Safety Select Committee was formed by Speaker Dade Phelan in September of 2021. The purpose of this committee is to improve coordination of mental health services, education, juvenile justice, and family and protective services for minors in Texas.

While at the time this committee was created regarding the mental health impacts of Schools being shuttered due to Covid orders on Texas kids, it is possible that bills filed regarding “gender affirming care” and other attempts to confuse and sexualize kids under the guise of counseling and advising end up in this committee.

Thompson, an establishment Dem who has been a supporter of Dade Phelan for speakership for the past two sessions, has been in office since the early 70’s.

Public Education - Brad Buckley (R)

The Public Education Committee handles matters pertaining to public schools and the public school system, including the financing, programming, and proposals to alter elementary and secondary education in Texas.

This impacts TFP because of the possibility of bills that will ensure schools educate, not indoctrinate being assigned to this committee. In the words of RPT Chair Rinaldi, Rep. Buckley could be the most school choice friendly chair for this committee in a long time.

Higher Education - Jim Murphy (R)

As the name implies, this committee handles all things relating to education after high shool in texas. TFP has several fights in this arena. Not only do we wish to end the indoctrination in elementary and high schools, but it’s also imperative that we get CRT and Gender ideology out of taxpayer funded colleges and universities as well. Not only that, but the next fight in protecting women’s sports is at the collegiate level.

We can expect legislation pertaining to both of those issues to stream through this committee.

For Context: A Select Committee is a committee that is created to consider a specific issue or matter. These committees are hyper focused around one subject


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